Friday, November 28, 2003

Days go by, time flys past.
Shadows of memories, of winterscape
Deep within me bears a chill,
Filled with deep sad songs of the hill.

I walked a road of decadence,
I see the antropy of men,
of fickle hearts, of lonely tears
Fralities of man revealed

Lives of other men,
Mirrors the silent tenderness
Of wounds unhealed and injuries unforgotten.
Of love lost and of betrayals, man continues to dream.

Broken pieces, shattered dreams,
The coldness of the soul within.
The spark long gone, the spirit long dead
Until that moment drew.

Passing by on a summer breeze,
Silent and invisible,
Warm like a mothers womb,
A haven of serenity it brings.

Time does not heal everything,
but with it chances bring.
It brings hope and faith into being
With it life is breathed

The ice of the soul melts,
With it comes the fountain of life,
The glitter of spring arrived.
The joy of life relived.


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