Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bitter and sore.

A night of reverie ends up leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Revenge may be sweet, but to me, it seems like no points gained but two points lost. Blame it on my ego, but it seems that I have never truly learnt the art of indifference. The pangs of serving sweet justice won over and I ended up looking like some jester, juvenile and jackass all rolled into one. Then again, a brush with my promiscous nature was interesting to say the least. Thrilling, skipping around, touching bases and prancing around like some vagabound. There is a carefree irresponsible feeling, wanton and invigorating. Somehow though, looking back, it feels callous and insignificant. The exuburance of the moment fails to surpass the aftermath of comtemplation. Haven't really felt so disgusted with my actions for a long long time. The value of connection weighs upon my mind far beyond anything flippant fancies may bring.

A jealous lover I am, forever I will be.


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