Monday, March 23, 2009

The world is shrinking at an alarming rate and its people at an even faster rate. Globalisation with its mass armies of Starbucks, Macdonalds, Nikes and Coca Colas are breaching all the walls of social identitys and customs. Fed with cookie cutter menus and barrages of ideals, fashion and linguistic lingo, most Asian Capitals I have come across seem almost alike, except for perhaps the levels of sanitary conditions and varying levels of poverty. Look further beyond that, at the people in the streets, I can't help but feel the increasingly apparant detachment and loneliness in their eyes. Globalisation in its bid to turn the world into an efficient and seamless clockwork has also created a seething monster. The monster of redundancy.

In a universe where every given resource only has that much to give, what have we sacrificed for this delusional Utopia that some of us live in? Look in the company that you work in or the society that we live in, taking away 10% of the people around you will prove no impact. How many of the people who live in squeaky clean Singapore know even 10 or 20 of the hundreds of people living in the same block as them? This world some of us live in, where water comes at the twist of a wrist and light appears like magic with the flick of a thumb, safety is no longer a concern. We are geared to work like cogs in a clock, to keep it moving always. We serve a function but we are not indispensable. I see all the people around me who are content to live in this life that is incongruous with all that led us here in the first place. We keep chasing and chasing to be like people who live halfway across the globes from us, to become "better" and "more cool". Those us who refuse to suffer the ignominy of being the same as everone out there are labelled as bigots and outcasts. My self is screaming out at this increasingly grey world where any attempt to fall off the well beaten mainstream path gets frowned upon, where they try and lead you back unto the "right path". Detachment. Lonliness. The pointlessness of it all when at the end, all that marks who you once were is a place 6 ft down under, a stirring eulogy of what you once was. A bucket of tears and the ever fading echoes of memories sifting through the fingers of those few who cared.


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