Saturday, January 17, 2004

How you ever felt like you are but a mere spectator looking upon this game the world revovles around. They gave the game a name. They call it "life". Everyone finds themselves a little niche in this place we call the Earth. Some are contented, some are not, Man has put faith in himself to be the pinnacle of evolution. What are we? I ask. Are we not but merely another species placed upon the Earth by beings above us, beings that transcends the limits the fundamentally flawed human brain cannot comprehend.
What does it feel like to be all knowing, to break free from this leash by which all Man are bound. Time.
We run the rat race, and we die at the end of it, everyone does. Does it matter how far we ran? No one reaches the end, do they.

Like a fallen leaf,
Caught in the merciless torrent of time.
Dragged along by the currents,
I drift through this existence,
Not knowing what may come next,
Where I am going?
What will I become?
I seek the answers,
Why am I here?
Am I a jigsaw in the grandest painting ever,
Or are we mere pawns in the hands of Gods?
Or maybe, we are just living out our time upon this world,
Trying valiantly to seek self meaning and worth.

I feel like I dont belong, I am a mere spectator living out my time.


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