Friday, December 12, 2003

A boy stood at the top of the world,
He views down upon it with a forlorn heart.
He watches with jaded and weary eyes.
Heart locked and key lost,
Closing the gates to his very soul.
He turns his back on the world,
His heart bleeds and he tears.
Tears which streaks down the mountains,
The mountains cry with him,
The winds carries his sorrows.
The stark coldness of winters,
The jilted beauty of autumm.

A boy stood upon the top of the world,
He looks up upon heavenly bodies.
Searching for a glimmer of hope,
Hope among the aloof and majestic lights.
An Angel appeared before him,
She carries with her a key,
The key which the boy hid away,
Never to be found.
She tells him,
"The key i have found again for you,
It is you and only you who can unlock it.
There is love and hope in this cruel world.
Open your heart and bare your soul.
For he cares above everyone else."
The Angel wiped his tears and left.

A boy stood upon the top of the world.
He sees the life of spring,
See how it comes after the chill of every winter,
He feels the warmth of summer and it sets his heart ablaze.
He looks up and smiles.
Thank you Father, and he soars,
For he yearns to be back among the world again.


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