Saturday, November 29, 2003

I hear the rhythm of the world throbbing,
It is neverending, never slowing.
The pulse it carries in your blood,
The sense of wanderlust it brings.

I walked the lands of the earth,
Its lustous and seductive splendor draws me.
The whispers of the passing wind,
The secrets of the earth it brings.

I saw the passing of time,
Its relentless march forward.
The herald of good news,
The harbinger of anarchy.

I tasted the rage of bloodlust,
Its encompassing insanity and blind fury,
The roar of battle rage,
The arid stench of pestilence that trails.

I felt the presence of death,
Its caress draws me into its folds.
The inescapable truth of the universe,
The ineventuality of life.


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