Monday, December 01, 2003

The path of a falling star,
It streaks a burning trail across my weary heart.
Ambers buried by the ashes of time ignites,
Scorching the mind with memories once thought gone.
Echoes of recollections rings out,
Resonates across the recesses of my inner soul.
Happiness an elusive wanton for ages past,
Returns to me but will it last...

Oh btw, wanna say a few words to my terrorists buddies. You guys are nothing but a bunch of pathetic cowards. You have a damn problem with government, go after them if you are so capable. Staying at camps and playing armies aint gonna be your redemption, its gonna be your downfall. Leave the innocents alone, bombing them to bits wont make the government listen. It will only leave families broken. Please, stop. I cant help but feel sad each time i hear of a new bombing. I feel sad for the deaths of the loved ones, i shed a silent tear for you. I feel sad for the man responsible, I pity you for living in your world of illusions, that makes you think you are significant, that your job killing people makes the world a better place. When will this madness end?
(I know the chance of a terrorist reading is less then 0, but if someone manages to read it, come bomb me you sonofabitch if you have the capabilities. We do not fear you.) Pardon my language, i just had to rant..


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