Thursday, December 11, 2003

Heres a post thats not a piece of my work, hey whats a blog without some entries reflecting my real life happenings right!

Just got back from church camp as with any camps, a mandatory hot shower and 8 hour sleep upon arrival from home was greatly appreciated. Then food, good food.

Camp was great overall, main reason for joining this time was because of the theme. Science and religion. Been searching for answers since i first thought about "self" and the "world".
Is self centralised or is it a result of self egoistism and sociology?

What is this innate "evil" nature of us? What pushes us to lie and cheat even when we are mere toddlers? From the point of science it is the result of genetic influence and sociology. In Christianity we are said to be born with sin. It is in us to be "evil".

I have questioned alot of pastors and members of my similar faith. None has been able to give me a proper answer, infact most of them either stand of the brink of arrogance or ignorance. Questions about the interpretation of the bible, about social morals and standards and how does Christianity conform or change it.

The main speaker for the camp was an excellent person for me to target my questions at. (Never got his name -_-) He was very well versed in current sciences and philosophies, pulled up alot of names some of which i knew, some of which were foreign to me. Had a couple of questions of his main points and attempted to take apart some of his points. Didnt get much time to speak with him but during the short time we had a few discussions on the viewpoints on both parties. I had to take the view point of the skeptic because he obviously would take the part of the religion :P . And he is the first that finally admits that Christianity is all about blind faith!!!

" Culture has no part in ensuring the survival of man, but it gives man reason to live"

In a way religion works that way too, it gives man hope, and it gives man a support, something to turn to in time of need.

A religionist and a scientist can push forth all their points till the cows come home but in the end, both parties have based a very large part of their points and facts upon "assumptions"
General and Special relativity stands on 1 ultimate. The ultimate that nothing can go faster then light. And we say that because we cant find anything faster then light due the the limitations in our technology.
If one day we find that dark is indeed faster then light(it gets out of the way of light pretty quickly), will those scientists and Einstein say "oops?" in their graves?
Even as we speak, part of Newtonian physics (the physics we study in school) is being proven wrong by scientists.(yeah kids go tell your teachers they are teaching you all the wrong stuff)

We all have a point to prove and it all ends up to whether you chose to put your faith in the assumption that there is a God or that light is faster then dark.

Ok that was alot of side tracking i did but hey that was what the camp was all about for me. I get injured as always during camps but nothing major but one thing, the food was BAAAAAAAAAD. I rarely complain about quality of food but when you serve me veg fish and rice for 3 days in a row, i will complain! I cant take fish and i ended up eating veg and rice for 5 meals.. i made sure my dinner was steak and wine tonight lol.

Ok thats about it i guess.. Got another poem up soon if nothing big happens.. Until then


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