Monday, June 21, 2004

You are the blue moonlight. You are peaceful and serene, kind and loving. Your heart never stears you wrong. You let out uncertainess with tears, and you let out fear with light. The blue light means distance. You are afraid to get to close to people. You have been betrayed once before and can't do it again. Your dream job could consist of a counsler or a traveler. You love humanity and lonliness. You will have love in your life and will never pass by unnoticed. Your beauty attracts many, but your personality is rare. The uniqness in your mind will always separate you. You can always find yourself lingering near the ocean, thinking about life. Your head seema to be up in the clouds, though you body is down omn Earth. You change and each time come back a better person. The blue moonliht will always guide to safety in the darkest hour.


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