Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Injustice. If anything, this world reeks of it. There will always be injustice, its a matter of personal perception. If something does not go according to your wishes you view it as an injustice. So im just gonna be a selfish ass today and talk about injustice from my point of view.

Well, if being ruled and bossed around by some pompous ass around my age aint injustice, i dont know what it is. I mean, WTF? these people prolly are as clueless aboput life and stuff as we are, and yet, here they are ruling over the lives of their fellow lowly denizens in the circle of life.

Here i am, sitting in the office flaming away at my army superiors just cuz they gave me a chance to. Aint it grand? heh. I got sidelined from the exercise due to the fucking uselessness of my sergeant and i got branded as a "gengster" because of that?. Helo? reality check? i didnt fall off the god damned tonner by my own will. so yeah, fuck you lt alan. I am the only atten B made to sit in the fucking office during "office hours" because its the fucking "regulations"? How about those other attn Bs who aint done a dipshit and stayed in camp since the first day? i spent the fucking morning doing your mundane uselss shitwork mind you. Go get run over by a wild boar. Pfft

/rant off


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