Monday, March 23, 2009

1. I am fiercely passionate.
2. I carry my heart out on my sleeves for the world to see.
3. To me, we should ignore the expectations and constraints of society to live our lives ur own way
We only have 1 life and its ourselves that we will face as we lie on our deathbeds.
4. I would die for my friends and family.
5. Thankfully, with regards to point 4, I do not have many friends.
6. I would never pretend to be someone's friend. If im talking to you, it means I like you.
7. In all my years of riding from when I'm 21 to when I'm 23, I have gotten into 8 accidents. Only 2 were
through faults of my own, crashing on the racetrack.
8. I love to read but I do not like Biographies. I once read close to 200 novels in a year.
9. I first Scuba Dived when I was 14.
10. I actually won an award for Chinese Handwriting before. Can you believe it?
11. I like acting in theatre. Its one of the avenues I would have pursued if my parents were rich.
12. Gambling does not like me because I always lose. 300 applicants for a 280 prize lucky draw I can be one of the 20 that doesn't get anything. Therefore I do not like gambling.
13. I love to cook but I hate cleaning up!!!
14. I take 4 hours to wash my car.
15. Kids love me because I'm a bigger version of themselves.
16. The elderly love me because I'm like a kid, minus all their annoying traits.
17. I totally dislike social banter. It goes nowhere and you get awkward silences peppered through as you try to bring up another totally irrevelant topic.
18. I do not like to talk when I'm eating. I love to eat and I concentrate hard on enjoying my food. Please save the conversation for the after meal drink.
19. I am glad I am alive but I am not afraid of dying.
20. My defination of stupid differs from most people.
21. I love to sing but people dont like it when I do and I dunno why :(
22. If I dislike you, stay away from me. I am mean when I dislike you.
23. I was only 155cm when I was in secondary 4. Thank God that he got tired of the joke and decided to let me grow as normal after years of being joked upon.
24. I love heights and I love speed. I am an adreneline junkie.
25. I want to finish a marathon, biathlon, tri-athlon. I want to scale Mount Everest. I want to learn to fly a plane, I want to travel the world on foot. I want to hang-glide, I want to see the Sun-Set while Sky diving.


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