Saturday, October 16, 2004

Reflections. What is it about a wound so deep that it still feels so painful after so long? The memories are still so clear, as if it only happened yesterday. Contradictions. The trying times that i got carried along, the crazy times, and yet it seems so hard to just forget and move on. Memories can sometimes be such a curse, maybe it would be great to just lose my memory and carry on with life. Its like a cut that gets torn open again and again in a merciless and relentless cycle. The places we used to go, i can almost visualise the conversations, the antics, as if a reel is running in my head. What we do not know cant hurt us. Maybe there is bliss in ignorance after all.

I ran across a man on the streets, he appeared to be talking to the air in particular. Interest pigued i went up to him. " Good day sir! To whom are you speaking to?" He walked by me as if i was just a dream. Not giving up i fell into his footsteps and heard what he has to say.

" Raine, the place you have gone seems so far away,
The seat you filled, your place in bed,
It all seems so cold now. Its ok though,
I have found a new partner now, she is so much like you.
Just yesterday, we went fishing by the lake,
Its just like in the past, we would roll up our pants,
With our feets in the water, just me and you.
The fish we didnt catch, it never mattered.
I had you and you had me.
We plan on climbing that mountain again,
The climb you made me do, just to prove that nothing is impossible.
When i thought that it was the end,
You dragged and carried me though paths i never saw.
Raine oh Raine how i relied on you!
But its all ok now, I have my new partner.
We are going to the movies and fine restaurants like we used to.
I can forget you now. You have left me when you said you would never.
But fate has snatched you from me. Its alright though,
I have her and she has me."

I watched the man fade into the distance alone. With a gap in the soul that will never fill.


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