Monday, September 06, 2010

An ode to you.

A scantilating gaze, lined with tears.
Across an ocean of heartaches you came to me.
Broken wings and fleeting dreams.
To whom do you sing, this disenchanted melody.

How did you find me, in these pain-filled meadows?
Did the sun and clouds lead you to me?
Their passing could only lead you closer to your destiny,
The rainbow that appears after a storm,
Ill be waiting at its end.

Make a wish, embrace the past,
Life is never without pain nor joy
Leave your dreams with me,
Soar with me to where our Love leads us.

Baby, you gave me the courage to give up one of my wings so I could soar with you.
Let us find the courage in each other to be able to Love fully again.
You made me believe once again that Love does exist. I Love You.


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