Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Weird. Was lying in bed and for no apparant reason, starting reminiscing about the days where i worked in Mac Donalds in secondary 2. It was prolly one of most memorable periods of my life. It was then when i remembered her, and how much i still missed her.
No, this is not gonna turn out to be some soppy love story alright? Pfft.
There was this girl, Cassandra. When i first saw her my heart raced like any other hot blooded youngster. But she was around 2 years my senior, waaay outta my league. Those days i wouldnt even dare to speak to girls my age with intentions of asking them out heh. As the days went by where we worked i eventually warmed up to her and she asked me to be her god brother. Thinking that it would be kinda fun, i agreed. She often took me out for supper after out night shifts and sent me home. Also, 25th December 1998, i had the first logcake in my life for my christmas! We just sat outside the old world trade mac donalds by the sea with teh logcake and soggy bee hoon. We messed around with the cream, obeying the universal law that cream MUST go on someones nose before we proceeded inside to help the mid night shift people.
She is also the first person i tasted ikea irish meatballs with hur hur.
Sadly, as i left my workplace we broke off contact. When i returned a month later, i learnt that she has resigned too. Didnt have a handphone then, but we had each others emails.
Then i changed email and lost my contacts. The following christmas, she went back with a gift for me, passing it to 2 people who lived near my house. But the bastards decided to keep it for themselves.

Been trying to contact her for 4 years now with no success at all. I miss her oh so terribly. I do wish our paths in life will cross again...


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