Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Back in Secondary School, we were not that good but we trained hard and we gave it our all. We lost but we were happy. Boy grew up, searched for a team and one took him in, he was raw and he was enthusiastic, he didnt get much chances to play but he was happy.
Boy got invited into another team, he gained experience and he improved by leaps and bounds. The team lost more often then not, but he was learning and he was happy.

Boy grew in experience but he also grew in pride. He became the darling of the team, eventually the team broke up and Boy joined another team. On their day, Boy's team was a joy to play with and a sight to behold. They won game after game after game and Boy was a part of the clock work. Slowly he forgot what was it like to lose, and when he lost, he grew fustrated.

Boy's head grew bigger, he got into his school team and got picked after a tournament to attend a selection to represent Singapore on an ameteur level. Then he fell, he fell so hard and so very fast that he couldn't stand up.

"It doesnt matter if we win 10-0 or lost 10-0, as long as all 11 players fight for each other and give our all. We walk off the pitch with our heads held high."
Words Boy stood by, words that he gave to the team he lead. He had forgotton them. He had forgotton what was it that had pushed him on and made him strong. He only cared about winning and he fell.

I am back. Thanks for returning these words to me coach. Wont ever lose them again. Ever.


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