Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Man has always yeared freedom, but at what price are we willing to pay for it? When freedom has been attained, we ask ourselves, is the price that Freedom commands truly worth it?"

[The din of men's laughter and women's giggling]

A young girl, bordering on the bloom of womanhood, an irrestible innocence about her with just a hint of the secrets she kept behind the facade. Secrets that promises ecstasy and unimaginable pleasures.

She is holding a young man slightly younger then her, exuding a barely concealed excitement and anticipation.

Holding his hands, she leads him through exquisite corridoors and rooms half running. The scent of musk hangs deep in the hair, the walls bear a tinge of the darkest purple, almost black.
Ornate pillars form the supports of the building, carvings of men and women engaged in exotic sexual positions carved across them. The rooms are seperated from the corridoors merely by curtains of hanging crystals. Crystals that reflect the candle light, conjuring dancing shadows through the air.
In the rooms itself, sprawling divans covered with princely furs and plush velvet cushions provides the stage for the various acts. Incense burners hidden within the divans glow darkly, filling the room with a flim of hazy cloud, inducing the illusion of a dream like state.

They enter into a common bath area where a mass orgy is going on, despite his inexperience, his face shows no sign of shyness and his eyes gleamed with carnal hunger. Going past the room, they chance upon an aqquaintance of hers, no doubt having been closely "aqquainted" with her in the past. "Such charisma, she embraces her wretched life so readily and without guilt. Could there be such an innocent person in the world?" The man thought to himself. Passing the man, they continued through the endless corridoors.

[Scene fades away to a young girl of 5 or 6 running down the same corridoor]

End of Chapter 1


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