Friday, July 15, 2005

Amazing how simple sentences turn into classics, "It is very sunny here" from CPL Yap Peng Koon (2IC) will forever be etched into history on this day. I had decided to call off our Ubin exercise but due to this now famous sentence from CPL Yap, we ventured forth into the unknown.

Finishing our overrated Nasi Lemak at Changi Village Hawker, we proceeded to the ferry terminal. By the, the friendly fluffy white clouds were turning into not-so-friendly evil looking dark clouds. Still we went on. The ferry terminal had a makeover and it looked really nice and spiffy. But alas, the boats are the same ol wooden caskets we all come to know.

Upon arriving, just went we were picking our transport of choice when the skies struck first. Still we chose our various bikes and cycled off. Before even reaching the first turning, the waters came down in full force. We ended up seeking shelter in the training shack. Then them pussies started whining about mosquitoes and urged us smokers to shorten another 5 mins of our lives. Soon after cycling further, we were educated on how well PTE Ang Kok Heng handled his bike.
Long story short, it consists of lots of whining, screaming, 2 legged stops and generally humourous situations. I even had to dismount to push him up slope a few times. -_-

Also, as we neared our mission point, PTE AKH started to sense something was amiss. Our true agenda behind this exercise was to rid the world of one cyber pirate cum company comedian. The excecutors promptly lured him to a cliff on the pretext of scouting enemy forces then shoved him into the ravine. Pictures were taken but due to the damaging evidence that could be used agaisnt us, they shall not be posted (read:im too god damned lazy).

To celeberate, we went to pebble beach and had a stone throwing competition. Tied with 2 personal bests are first class PTE Eric Zhang and CPL Eric Cheung of 7 skips. Apparantly some thought rocks were stones and tried to throw them as well. Dumb soldiers. tsk.

All in all the exercise was ended with a seaside seafood feast and all round satisfaction from a day well spent.

PS. Audrey, if you read this I'm sorry for not making it, bad legs. I didnt forget your Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. yeah its on July 17th i know, ill send you an sms then.

Also, due to the success of the exercise, the following soldiers shall be promoted.

First Class PTE Eric Zhang to MR Eric Zhang

CPL Frankie Nga shall replace CPL Yap Peng Koon as 2IC.


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