Sunday, November 14, 2004

There is this huge tree by the roadside, just like any other tree. I used to admire its beauty, from under its pretty leaves. With the passing of many Novembers, I got swept away by the torrents of adult life. I hurried by the tree each day, without ever saying "hi". Then come one sunny summer, as i stood where I always did. My skin burnt red hot, only for me to realise that the tree's no more. It has always been an invisible protector, shielding me from harm. It's soothing voice of rustling leaves i took for granted. Only with the chilly silence, for me to realise that the tree's no more. A lullaby i shall never again hear, sending me to Morpheus's world.

Oh what irony! How fate sometimes shows you what you have by taking it away. What you have forgotten with time, you remember it with its loss. Then what you have left will be grief, grief for an empty vessel without soul.


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