Sunday, May 22, 2005

3am and the rain is falling, falling. Went to catch the Man U match agaisnt Arsenal with a couple of my friends at an Arsenal pub. Just me and my fellow man u supporter agaisnt the legion of arsenal fans. Had a couple of babes there too. Woo :) Received a msg out of a blue from someone i havent heard from in ages. Just kinda let our friendship fade away quietly in hope that she will finally manage to settle down with him. As yet again, there were no replies after that, been nagging at my mind, but oh well, cant take care of her forever, she will know where to look if she really needs help.
Just languidly watching the days go by, life seems kinda aimless and mundane. But then again, im sharing these days with a bunch of people that bring me much laughter. It is to be said that im often a migrant, moving in and out of cliques. I dont think i do it out of the idea of being a social butterfly, but i just kinda come and go? Only a couple of peeps have really stuck with me through these years.
Eventually no matter where i go or end up, i just return back to my own thoughts. Perhaps im trying to understand myself through the people i meet, people are always telling me that i think too much, but these ponderings have often given me insights that are oft lacking in others. This gift of having the ability to anaalyse, improvise , a ghetto kind of 6th sense has helped in so many situations. But it always leads me to wonder about more and more things. Im wonder boy! hur hur..
Have another match tomorrow, knowing i have a match coming at the week end often makes my weekday so much more pleasant. Wish me luck. Ciaoz


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