Friday, September 30, 2005

Been sometime since i written, but as usual, that can only mean that my life actually managed to be peaceful for once. As again, have had many thoughts but they seem so slippery, like fishies. Cant seem to gather them in 1 spot and just write them down. Comes and goes away as the day goes by. Oh well. Started to take up some form of reading, amazing how short my concentration span is right now. Better buck up if im gonna do the serious reading im planning on soon.

Dreams. One of the wonders in life if you asked me. Ive had the most vibrant, outrageous of dreams before, and its something i enjoy tremdously ( Think 3rd real life computer gaming!). However, it is also equally mysterious, ever so tantalising to my nerdy academic side.
I had one of those again, only this time, it was much more vivid then anything ive experienced. I KNEW i had been to the shop before the moment i stepped in, in my dreams that is. The layout and merchandise were almost exact in nature and the counter was exactly where it was. The shop was in Taiwan, where ive never obviously been to my whole life until that point of time. So did my mind construct the place? Or maybe the shop owner had the same dream as me and decided to set up as she has seen in her dream. Meh. Definately one of the questions im gonna ask God if i ever get to see him. Remind me pls.

I think i am finally able to release the burden ive carried on for so long, too long. Never been one who dwells on the past, this demon has been haunting me for too long a time. Maybe the best way of forgiving someone is just to remember the person for all the good memories brought. The pain still feels so close and real, its scary.


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