Thursday, January 11, 2007

When the music has forsaken us and the stars are all dead, where do we go from there?
Soul in tatters, Beat long dead.
A song of chords in disarray, a melody without rhythem
Its a sham, nothing but lies, no lights to see you by, no symphony in Song.
Disharmony of accords, shambolic symbolism runs riot in a cacophany of anarchism.
Rebirth bears nothing but destruction, better off with no past no present no future.

The truth of the millions in passing buried by the lies of a single mastermind.
A God who sees everything but cares about nothing.
Humanity is but a passing cloud in an Ocean of Destinies.
Just as a feather bears no weight agaisnt a titanous monument, the blood of all Humanity but a mere drop in the sea of fate.
And yet the tears of Mankind a million oceans doth fill, the eyes of the Alpha and The Omega run dry.


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