Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Where does your heart reside?
Where do your dreams take off?
Do they reach out towards the heavens,
Or do you keep them close to you?

Are you one who stays close to your abode?
Or are you one who races beyond the reaches of man?
Do you cling on to reality,
Or do you abandon all for the American dream?

Look at what is around you,
Treasure what is dear to you.
Chase your dreams,
Keep close to home.

Take the time to kiss your loved ones,
See how much they mean to you.
Forsake the weights you carry,
Of the have-beens that you shoulder.

Build your aspirations upon substantiality,
Let it take you forth to greater heights.
Do not be swayed by the illusions,
The lies the world draws you with.

Let not your dreams reside in the house of sand and fog.