Saturday, August 07, 2004

Sat under the stars on an open hill. I remembered how we used to the same.

I remember how we first met, just brushing past,
not knowing the path that lay ahead.

I remember how i first held you in a magical dance,
not knowing the sparks we would create.

I remember how i longed to see you so,
not knowing that you felt the same.

I remember how you surprised me with a kiss,
not knowing how that touch will never wane.

I remember the conflicts i felt as i held your hand,
not knowing how much it's gonna hurt.

I remember how i turned my back and walked away,
not knowing that it would never work.

I remember how you came and held me from behind,
not knowing how hard it was for you too.

I remember how i tried to forget you,
not knowing i have been a fool.

For i chose to take a path, one which i could never see ahead. I chose to go on blind, and oh how we crashed and burnt!

I remember every word you said, every touch every smile,
not knowing how it would make me warm on cold and heartless nights.

I remember how i wished i had a chance to undo all i had done,
not knowing that i would have done the same.

Miss ya.