Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I dreamt that I was outside the room of a girl. Her room was in this block beside mine on the first level but in reality there isnt. Somehow my dreams always place apartments on the first level of this block when it is really just a lobby.

The windows were all open and there were velvety steps leading up to them. There was no one in there at first. The owner of the room felt familiar to me but I do not know who it is.
The room was pretty normal except for two things. It felt like the room was a soft musky red in tone.

Secondly, on the wall of the room were these words in bright glowing pink neon lights.

"I'm always held running in the same spot by your words
Whose meaning have long been swept away by the wind
But still the ghosts of it wouldn't let me go"

The girl suddenly appeared and I was suddenly filled with fear

"Please do not take offense I didn't mean any harm by coming in uninvited"

She nonchalantly walked past me and lay on her bed, like it didnt matter at all and my presence was adknowledged.

A sudden wave of empathy and sadness washed over me. This analogy suddenly appeared in my head and I related it to the girl.

Its a story of an ant which kept collecting all sorts of bits and pieces, bring them back into its nest. It does this without knowing that its crushing its own nest under the weight of all these stuff that its collecting.

The price of that long gone love has been paid for a thousand times over with the tears that you have shed in its passing. It's enough.