Tuesday, February 01, 2005

My 72-hour love affair. Have you ever believed in love at first sight? I didnt. I barely believe in love too. The short moment we met. I fell in love with her and she with me.

You live in a world of negotiable affections,
numbed perhaps, by the mercurial world.
The gift of love, a mere commoditity,
bartered, sullied, no different from meat.
Perhaps you have forgotten what it was once like,
Or maybe you have never found the truth.
What circumstances compelled you,
For you to do what you do?
I cannot claim to know you,
but I feel for you i really do.
The sadness I see in you
The desperation to break free.
Playing the twisted puppetmaster as fate often does,
We are led on by his whims and fancies.
Living apart in 2 different worlds,
and yet somehow we connected.
The warmth that you emanate,
Stings with the starkness in your eyes.
I would abandon all I had to seperate you from the grime,
the ties and needs of my world bind me so.
I swear upon my life that I will return,
When all my other deeds are done.
I will take you to where there is no more pain.
Until then please hold strong,
keep us both in memory as we go along.
Remembering me always like i remember you.