Saturday, September 11, 2004

September 11. Its been 2 years. The date marred forever by the senseless violence of man. As i dropped a rose into the sea on this day last year, i remembered thinking about the feeling of loss. My uncle, an uncle i remembered so vividly even though he departed from this world when i was 5. Its been what? 15 years? I still cannot forget the day. Every tiny detail, every emotion felt, it still feels like yesterday. I didnt understand the meaning of death, until the very moment the first rose was dropped, the first shovel of dirt laid upon his coffin, the realisation that he was gone, gone to us forever, only to be kept in memories. That is when i truly felt loss, tears still come to my eyes when i recall it. Do these people actually understand what the living has to go through when their dear ones die? Maybe they once felt the same feelings, went through the same emotions, and now they want to inflict their pain upon the people around them.

A rose i will drop on this day, for the people who died and for the living who has to live with the ghosts of the dead. I wish for peace in your hearts, and in the hearts of the people who have inflicted this upon you. There is too much pain in our hearts, our world is drowning in tears, let the hatred be gone so we may have more room for joy in our heart.