Saturday, October 27, 2007

Running, I was running.
To where I did not know, to a place a cannot see. Any other place must be better than where I am, therefore I ran. My lungs were burning and my tears watered but still I didn't stop. Till I met you.
You stopped me dead in my tracks, a twinkle in the darkness, a tinkle amongst the thunder. Like an azure lighting up velvet darkness, it was then that I understood. People who find life beautiful within all the misery and emptiness are the people who see. They see that with all these moments that get you down hides happiness.

To me, life is beautiful because of something that is invisible to all that is around me. They look with their eyes and they cannot see whats hidden in yours when you stare right at mine. This love we share and the future we promise each other.
They see us holding hands but they cannot feel the electricity running through our hands. They gaze at us embracing each other but they cannot feel the warmth coursing through our veins. What they see is but a shell, whats important is invisible to them.

this is our little secret, which naked eyes can never see. Its my fragile treasure, like a rose in a storm. My treasure that I keep in a little glasshouse, my treasure that I water each day to keep it evergreen. A treasure only for your eyes and mine.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

4am and sleep eludes me.
Feeling strangely melancholic.

A field of daffodils,
Sky holding the summer light.
A stroll, A hop and a little twirl.
Glasses strewn across,
Topaz sky over a blood red earth.
Gashing ankles, tattered flesh.
A fatal dance in an emerald field,
Twinkling rubies chasing diamond shards.
To embrace the beauty and yet suffer the pain.

Forever a promise so hard to keep,
Forever a distance so far to reach,
Forever a word how easy to speak,
Forever a meaning no one to teach.
A Forever held in history streaks,
The Forever a promise will you keep?