Monday, October 23, 2006

The aching heart looks upon the tear stained sky.
Stars which shine with callousness scorn upon its wretchedness.
Aloof and filled with disdain,
they burnt with cold fire on an even colder night.
What is this greating meaning that I seek,
Would it be worth this weight which I keep?
With a limping canter and a tedious old banter,
helpless do I watch as Destiny ups the ante.
Flesh may decay and bones to dust,
A spirit that never wavers possess I must.
A deed I must do and fade away do I.

Eternity. The very notion of it, it scares me.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Came back from a wonderful trek during the past weekend with a couple of awesomemy peeps. What a rollercoaster ride it turns out to be following that though. On Monday as I was heading back from school, my bike EXPLODED ! Yes, it freaking exploded. My engine decided to take an early trip to heaven or wherever it is that engines go to. My piston disintegrated (yes you read correctly and I am not exaggerating), block CRACKED and conrod snapped into two. My mechanic who has been fixing phantoms for 6 years has never seen a case like this. And I WAS DUE TO TRADE IN THE BIKE FOR MY 400CC IN -F I F T E E N- DAYS. I would have gotten back 2k for it but nooooooooo my bike decided to die and now im getting 300 back for it.

To spit into my face and rub salt in my wounds, God decided to deal me another winning hand! On wednesday, i decided to finish up my excel project and promptly took out the CD i stored my files on. WHEE! no files! The CD showed a full memory and it was totally blank inside. YAY I am gonna enjoy redoing my project so much! Thanks for the love God! You bitch.