Saturday, October 25, 2008

Looking in those eyes, a gulf so deep and far. I hear the apologies unspoken in your voice, you must feel it too. Tears uninvited meandering down my face, this gulf so deep and far. How can I reach you, this place of brimstone and flames? I think a part will me can never grow up, can never stand tall and face the world. The child that stopped growing because of your rejection, locked away in a land in solitude. It is this child thats sending the tears right now, that yearns to experience Father, for good or for bad. Rejection is a fate worse than death or torture. It denies you existence and it denies you indentity. During the coldest of nights like this at my vulnerable most, i see the child sitting in a corner legs tucked under his arms. This immerse sadness, this longing for what should have been but never was. This hopelessness.despair.dejection. Sleep refuses to come take this away. Where can I go?

I feel so sad.