Wednesday, August 30, 2006

" And from the heavens the angelic hosts came. They were bourne with wings of the softest gold and skin of the harshest silver. They were the Shar'dhal , created to guide mankind towards his destiny. "

Book of Judas 3:16, Dead Sea Scrolls AD 56

The ruling party of the Shar'dhal had been shaken by the Lacan incident. The man who dared challenge God's Chosen Ones. He single handedly wiped out almost the whole council before the Arch Counsellor Morin'dhal managed to subdue and eventually eradicate him. To prevent such cases from ever happening again, the Council placed limiters into the craniums of all the humans living on the planet and tightenend their terrifying grip on the populance.

Lacan incident neutral eyewitness report. Source unknown

Destiny, Fate, Karma. Different names born from the same beast. The ultimate paradox. Freewill and Destiny. If Free will exists, where does destiny lie? Does destiny fufil itself or does the knowledge of destiny bring it about?

The only memory Shin had of his father was the picture of his once complete family held in an ornate cross frame. The cross was covered with runic symbols which interwined to hold the picture in the middle. Whenever Shin felt down or lonely, the cross he wore around his neck seemed to glow an azure silver and emite a comforting warmth. His mother tried to play the role of both parents to her best extent but it is a difficult time to live in, more so as a single parent.


Shin tried to stifle a giggle, holding it back with both hands cupped to his mouth. He was not a very big boy for his age but he was agile like a cat. Crouching in the shadows provided by the table, he lay in wait as his mother walked by yelling for him. As she came into view, he flew out with a yelp and tangled himself in his mother's legs, laughing all the time.

"Oh what am I to do with you,"

Sophia looked into those large innocent eyes and cant help but be bemused.

"For someone with a demure outlook as you, you sure are deviously mischiveous. You are so much like your father when he was young..."

Whenever Sophia thought about Fei, a look of sadness and longing thats transcends time itself breaks Shin heart. Even at the age of 6, he realises how much his mother missed his father. He stood up and looked up into her eyes, hugging her legs.

"Thank you dear, do not worry, mama will be fine."

She carried Shin up into her arms and hugged him as he threw his small arms around her neck.

" Your hair of the darkest black, the way it remains unkempt no matter how much i brush it. Those eyes which shine with innocence and mischief at the same time, the angular features. You are so much like your father it is scary, Shin. He is all that I have now God, please do not allow him to suffer the same fate Fei did."

Sophia's thoughts drifted from Shin towards that fateful night 3 years ago...

End of Chapter One

Monday, August 28, 2006

"I lied, I never ran out of paint, I just wanted to continue painting forever."
The life of a man named Lacan and countless others.

"She was so beautiful. Her lightly brown hair that caught the sun as she tossed her hair back. Her eyes, crystalline and clear, they had such compassion in them, it made you feel as if nothing could go wrong when she was around."


For those thinking wtf? This is a prologue im doing for this story im gonna try write. Bear with me if it sucks.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Anger, a part of me still rages deep down inside. My resolve in keeping it under control has been strong but each time I have a brush off with my father, it just brings my resolve down to my knees. Like a blade of grass in a howling wind, I hold my own but my emotions sways with abandon. What is it that I am angry at? His ill hidden pretense at caring? His indifference towards me through my whole life? The deep seated pain and insecurity that plagues my sleep and haunts my memories? Yearning to weep but the tears wont come, my soul is drowning in the tears that I hold in me. I feel so fragile and so vulnerable. Seeking to care for and protect the people around me hides that. The sense of empowerment that comes with offering protection alleviates the glass tingling shatter I hear over and over again. Therefore is my concern but a sham? A pretense? Who am I really? I pray for an enlightened soul who is able to see past what I have failed to see and tell me that someday.