Thursday, January 11, 2007

When the music has forsaken us and the stars are all dead, where do we go from there?
Soul in tatters, Beat long dead.
A song of chords in disarray, a melody without rhythem
Its a sham, nothing but lies, no lights to see you by, no symphony in Song.
Disharmony of accords, shambolic symbolism runs riot in a cacophany of anarchism.
Rebirth bears nothing but destruction, better off with no past no present no future.

The truth of the millions in passing buried by the lies of a single mastermind.
A God who sees everything but cares about nothing.
Humanity is but a passing cloud in an Ocean of Destinies.
Just as a feather bears no weight agaisnt a titanous monument, the blood of all Humanity but a mere drop in the sea of fate.
And yet the tears of Mankind a million oceans doth fill, the eyes of the Alpha and The Omega run dry.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Sometimes when we break free of our shackles, we find that we do not really know what we truly want

[Girl of 5 or 6 running down the corridoor as the pair fades away]

The little girl with large wild eyes, eyes with an unwavering hint of steel hidden become them. She scampers around the place, oblivious to the sins being committed around her. As she passes by 2 siblings of around her age, they looked at her with contemptuous eyes. Keeping a distance away from her as if she was a disease, they seemed almost afraid of her. Taking a quick step forward that surprised the both of them, the little girl manages to whisper a single word into the ears of the boy before he could react. His eyes went wide and his lips started to tremble. Ashen faced, he looked around with fugitive eyes, as if expecting something terrible to happen. The sister fixed the little girl with a scornful glare and tried to make the boy reveal the word which was whispered. However, this is a word that is forbidden in this time and age, a word that you keep sealed within you if you wanted to live. Instead, the boy takes out a piece of drawing charcoal and drew a picture of a soaring Lark on the ground, the emblem of Freedom.

The both of them started chasing the girl, wanted to hand her over to the inquisitors for the atrocity that she just committed.

[Beginning of cut back flash scenes]

The consequences for a single word uttered, a word that reflected the hearts of millions. A word that brings hope and mortal fear at the same time. The girl will come to pay the price for that desire, a price she may never be able to finish paying.

If the girl had been born in any other place in these tremulous time, she would have been dead many times over.

[Flash scene]

Same little girl, slightly older. The hair all around the sides of her head is shaved, leaving a long mop of hair on top, tied in a pony tail. Heavily tattooed across her whole body, the markings suggests that they are a form of punishment and not chosen for their asthetic sense. An elderly woman, probably her mother, can be seen talking to her in the foreground.

However, she was born into a brothel; the best of the entire empire, where she could hone her talents and strengthen her ideals

[Flash scene]

Same girl, drinking from a filthy pot, parents unceremoniously buried on a hill which can be seen from the window. She has no one in the world now and yet the bright outlook mirrored in those crystalline eyes never once left her. The yearning of freedom uplifting her, setting her soul with an unquenchable fire.

So this girl grew, learning dancing, martial arts, calligraphy, the pleasuring of men and most importantly, the ability to bend the minds of others to suit her needs. she consorted with many powerful men, winning undying affection and favours. In particular, one and only one man stood out amongst all the rest, the young man who would eventually grow up to become the ruler of empire.

[Flash scene]

The little girl gets caught by the siblings

[Fade to teenage girl and boy running down the corridoors]

[Fade to future scene where a man and a woman are talking]

End of Chapter 2